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FinCode Technologies Training sessions help Beginners as well as Experienced Professionals become masters of Software Testing in a very short period of time. Our Training sessions are hands on, results-oriented and continuously updated. Our goal is to develop market leading Software Testers that thrive professionally and financially.

We have several courses available and we’re adding more to our catalog on a regular basis. Our classes are no fluff, results driven courses that aim to develop the IT and Financial knowledge of our students. Please visit the website and social media sites frequently for updates and promotions.

Intro to QA
Cracking The Money Code
Cracking The Interview Code
Intro to QA is our flagship course where you can learn and master Software Testing quickly.

Cracking the Money Code class is for anyone who is tired of living paycheck to paycheck and is interested in building wealth now and for the future.

Cracking the Interview Code is for anyone who’s ever been on an interview they felt they nailed only to be disappointed by a rejection letter. This course provides insight on what Interviewers are really asking and gives you a competitive edge in putting your best foot forward.

Intro to QA is our highly renowned flagship course that transforms high level information about Quality Assurance and Software Testing into a comprehensive course for the everyday user. This course includes resume, interview, and recruiting assistance, and many more free bonuses.

Courses are offered on a rotating basis. Send us an email to learn about our upcoming classes.

Not at all! Software Testing is the easiest entry point to the world of IT. Our goal is to assist everyone from the certification seeking IT professional to the everyday person of interest. The world of IT is full of many opportunities and with the right skill for your professional growth and the right guidance you can build a fulfilling career. We would like to help as many people as possible take advantage of them.

Payment plans are available as well as Scholarships for those that qualify. Send us an email

Every trainer at FinCode Technologies holds at least one or more national certifications for the course(s) they’re teaching.

Discounts, promotions, free workshops and giveaways are offered via social media sites as well as direct consideration. For more information or consideration, please contact the company email directly.

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